Code Quality Challenge - Week 5

Code Quality Challenge - Week 5

I thought the challenge ended last week but it seems we're getting a couple of bonus days, lets get to it.

Day 29 - Extract Method

Today’s task is all about improving readability.

Investigate your larger methods, especially ones longer than 10 lines. Do you see any groups of functionality that could be extracted out into smaller, more clearly named, methods?

Always a useful refactoring. I spent 20 minutes splitting up a massive 65 line method into smaller clearly named methods.

Day 30 - Reflect on your experience

You made it! Well done, you.

For this, our final task, please reflect upon your experience. Consider flipping back through the older threads to refresh your memory of the exercises.

Let's have a look back through my posts and find out which challenges I've been keeping up...

Day 1 - Clean up your README

Keeping the README up to date is really valuable. Useful for the future me when trying to remember how to deploy the app. Invaluable for the rest of the team when I'm not around.

Day 5 - Trim your branches

I was spending a lot of time digging through masses of branches when switching between feature branches. I hadn't realised how painful this was until I cleared them out.

Day 12 - Investigate your slowest test(s)

This saves me lots of time every day, great win.

Day 19 - Automate a repetitive action

Spent some extra time on this challenge and have since deployed to production via the command line. I also updated the README with instructions on how to do it, see Day 1 😀

Day 25 - Create/update your snippets

This one has been the most surprising, I've tried this before but not kept it up. The slow burn method has worked and I'm adding new snippets daily.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt

Thanks Ben Orenstein for a great challenge and the Pear programming T-shirt!


CQC done ✓

Any developer (and codebase) will benefit from this challenge.

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